Thursday 24 June 2010


Hi Folks sorry have just joined TWITTER and left my Blog for a while!! But I am back and ready to keep you posted about all Dog Happenings!! 

Firstly, I hope you all entered for the Dog Competition in the Westminster Reporter and the results should be out very soon.  So Good Luck to all who entered to correct their 'Dog's Antisocial Behaviour.

My puppy classes started on 12th June @ and are going really well . There are up to eight dogs in the class from Max and Bella two yorkshire terriers to Herbie the beagle.

First Lesson was all about Diet and how the wrong diet can affect your puppy's behaviour - too many colarants and additives can make your pup very hyperactive (exactly as it does to a child)
Also Toilet Training in a contained Area - Limiting Boundaries till your pup is toilet trained!

Second Lesson was all about walking on the lead, walking to heel!

In each session there is always plenty o fun time and socialisation - which is so important in 'puppy classes'