Tuesday 24 August 2010


Hi - Its Carnival Time and Everyone should respect each other and enjoy this festival of the Year!

That means IT SHOULD BE A SAFE AND ENJOYABLE TIME FOR YOUR DOG - By Leaving them at home and not taking them to Carnival.  Last year the amount of Dogs ESPECIALLY Bull Breeds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers that were accompanied by Irresponsible Owners was unbelieveable!!

Why I say 'Irresponsible Owners' is because Anyone who brings their dog into an atmosphere of Loud Music, Crowds and Potential Danger IS Irresponsible. 

 POLICE are also aware of the Danger of bringing canines into the Carnival and are legally able to seize your dog particularily BULL BREEDS if they believe your Dog is a threat to the public - or that the public and the environment is a threat to your Dog.  Your Dog could then be taken to a private kennells and assessed.  If the assessment is that your Dog comes under the Dangerous Dogs Act - it can be pts.

Sounds Unbelievable but IT COULD HAPPEN - SO PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE - Enjoy the Carnival and leave Your Dog in the Safety of your Own Home.