Monday 6 June 2011

'Talking on BBC Radio 'Barking at the Moon' 94.9FM

2nd June 2011

Was interviewed on BBC Radio by Joanne Good and Anna Webb on 'Barking at the Moon' Live in the Studio on Thursday night!! They were so warm and welcoming and Matilda the English Bulldog and Mollie the Minature English Bull Terrier were gorgeous.  Wanted to take them home but my handbag wasn't big enough!!

I was talking about my work in schools and libaries educating children about 'acting responsibly around dogs' and 'addressing children's fear of dogs'.My passion and pride in my local community and helping 'young dog owners with their 'bull breeds' and how to have a socialable dog using reward not punishment - and still be macho!!

Thursday 2 June 2011

South Westminster Agility

Jimmy the terrier is getting the idea!!
Fun and games at 'Dog Socialising Classes' in South Westminster.  Agility stimulates dogs and also helps with the training - making it fun for both dogs and owner
Another great day for 'dogs and owners' . The 'Two gentlemen pugs' were more interested in 'treat rewards' than 'working for them'.