Sunday 4 December 2016

This is one of the hardest posts I have had to write - on  Friday the 26th August 2016 at 12,15 I had to put my darling Missy Blue to sleep.  A decision that many of us have to make   - for that one day YOU have to play GOD!

Missy Blue - everyone who  knew her - loved her  - the children at various educational events where she taught them - how to be responsible around dogs - how not to fear dogs but also how NOT to approach strange dogs without permission from your parent and the owner.  Brave in  her battles with epilepsy - her fight against pnemonia in 2011 - her stomach disorders and finally pancreatitis a battle she lost. Most of all her little 'Ladylike personality' - she was definitely a 'little person dog'. She gave me and many so much love and happiness all her life with me - One thing I could do for her - is let her go.

You go into your vet who you trust and who knows your dog so well  (My dear vet used to call her his valentine) and you hope he can work one more miracle - one more chance - one more month, week - just one more day - BUT he can't - and when two weeks before - Ben said 'We all love Missy Blue - But we can't always work miracles - I knew in my heart - time was not on her side.

That morning I took her - Before I went her two canine sisters Kiki and Chelsea Rose went upto where she lay - and  each one licked her face - surrounding her as they said Goodbye.  But I still had hope - I still pushed all doubts to the back of my mind -Waiting for that MIRACLE -but it never came and  then she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and she licked my tears - resting herself gently in my arms -
'Mum - I am ready - its time.' and with my heart so broken I feel it will never mend I held her until her last breath - My Beautiful Beautiful Girl- How I miss you so

RIP Missy Blue - 26.08/2016
My Angel without Wings

Monday 29 February 2016

Make your walks more interesting especially as your dogs get older and can not go so far and even a car ride is not a regular option. Also if new to the area - get a local map - explore new routes - dog friendly parks - and also go and visit your local vet register your dog.
Take your dog different routes - they soon get bored of the same place - every day - vary your walks during the day - it also stops dogs from being too territorial  in their behaviour - especially when a new dog enters a place they consider their second home! Also you will meet more fellow dog owners and maybe get to go out together to investigate other interesting walking areas.

Also get creative - have your own 'agility course' in your garden - (Agility Clubs especially in the city are  hard to find) Make it suitable for your individual dog - senior dogs to little small dogs can take just as much delight in jumping over a low makeshift jump as a bigger or younger dog from a higher jump.  Some bamboo canes for a makeshift weave - and also check the internet for cheap but suitable agility equipment which is light and easy to carry and put away in your garden shed. In the summer I get out the old childrens plastic swimming pool - small enough for the garden but big enough for the dogs - they love it after a play in the garden and it keeps them cool.

Enjoy your walks but most of all your dog will enjoy them too and become more socialised and more mentally stimulated as well as physical

Dog Rest is important when your dog has sustained an injury and as every dog owner knows 'Dog Resting' is not on their pet's agenda especially a young dog - and though a crate is an alternative to some - they still need that 'scent and smell of the outside world' - their wistful look at others playing in the park when they are allowed their 'first' ten minute walk on lead!!  No you are not their faviourite person -

Also you are then told by your 'wise and quite 'correct' vet that your dog must 'lose weight' or certainly 'not gain weight - so what do you do with a 'WannaBe BouncingLivewire' - Remember - No Jumping - No Chasing and no big interaction with their canine pals - and not even The Supervet to watch on TV - What a Dogs Life.

Dogs need mental stimulation as much as physical and more so if the physical is limited to block walks or around the garden and back ON LEAD -

I have been working with a beagle that has a back injury and after two weeks of bed rest is now on 10 minute walks - imagine her frustration - her main joy in life as a beagle is scenting - taking in the smells of the world! So we worked out to put plant pots in the garden filled with different scents from her usual walk put her on a fairly long lead (different from her walking lead) - letting her scent and smell - then just sitting outside with her - She actually seemed to be taking a deep breath of the smells around her and was calm.  Then again - a gentle sniff around her 'new scenting pots' and then rest.  On her block walk we took her away from the direction of the park - - a different corner of the street - stopping for five minutes and then turning back - again - a different corner of the street - stopping for five minutes - then back home.
NB Before we did this exercise his owner spoke to the vet to get his okay obviously we did not want to overdue it and hinder her recovery.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

5th January 2016

Another year has gone already - 2015 was a year of new Dog Laws - More Dogs and kittens abandoned or surrendered to the already full up rescues around the country.  In Romania more stray dogs were cruelly killed by equally evil 'dog catchers' - in Spain a rescue still seeks the 'Missing Spanish Pups in Uk' - adopted by J Steenson in Glasgow and only notified in October 2013 that they had gone 'missing' - Last known location in Leith - the adoptee not disclosing any more details. Thousands on facebook are still helping to trace these four pups who will be two years old now. I have become involved with an amazing rescuer of Poundies Shelle Alders who with her committed volunteers helps fund - rescue - foster dogs that would otherwise after Seven Days in a Council Pound be euthanized - I have also met some brilliant dogs with just a little patience - understanding and training guidance have been adopted or in foster awaiting furever homes.
Taz whose main desire in life is muddy puddles and lots of love adopted by Sam - Dice a stunning boy who
just needed socialisation and introuduction to the day by day environment. Lucus who was a troubled soul who we loved and thought he had the perfect home but sadly not. 

In 2015 I was awarded a small sub contract from Queens Park Parish Council to continue my educational animal care and welfare groups - helping with advice and training with dog owners on low income yet desperate for help with their adored dog.  Also working with the local warden and dog warden for Westminister on Dog Patrol and educational seminars - Free Microchipping Events - Issuing free dog vouchers for spaying and neutering - so far ten dogs have been spayed this year (vouchers courtesy of Dog Trust).  I have been out to Chobham Surrey for a one day Masterclass in understanding when 'Its Dog Play or Fight' and an update on Dogs Behaviour - Scenting - Fear of other dogs and their reaction.  Each year I make sure I sign up for one of Sarah Whiteheads amazing Masterclass in Dogs Behaviour - we can never stop learning about Dogs Behaviour.

I have also observed the 'Big Brother' attitude of the 'Powers that be' to people that want to work yet this new government want to avoid helping and literally make it very difficult for small businesses and low income workers to survive doing the work they love and feeling good about earning a living rather than sit at home and do nothing - Am I being political -  not really - just stating a fact. So for myself and many I am sure in the year of 2016 will do everything they can to seek more work - work harder and not give up the job they love and that makes them feel part of the community and most of all - a human being.

So good luck - keep helping - rescuing and remember there is always someone a lot worse off than us - prayers for the poor people - animals - that have suffered during the floods.  The refugees that have no homes - lost children - families - wildlife that greedy hunters are killing and making extinct - strays all over the world that are being beaten killed - by countries that have no welfare - no sanctuary - no heart.

Happy New Year of 2016