Tuesday 22 July 2014



Sadly Barney the loveable black lab passed away  recently and sympathy goes out to Lena and Patrick who loved him dearly.

Barney  was a typical lab full of mischief - and often deciding to 'go off on a wander' searching the streets of the local area for 'tasty titbits' like peoples lunch - 'A sandwich anyone?'!!

Barney had learned to open the front gate and then he was off 'either towards the canal or down the Harrow Road past the shops and then 'often' could be found outside Westbourne Park Station lying in the sun or looking for a 'pat or two' from the rail staff or the passing commuters!

'Lee' our local dog warden at the time used to pick him up calling his 'owners' who had taken so many different 'escape proof'' actions that left them feeling both frustrated and amazed that 'their canine peter pan' managed to 'outwit them' every time.

Was it the fact that he was given a 'tasty snack' and a bowl of fresh water at the station  - or - was able to raid every available bin in sight or just the 'joy' of outwitting the very ones that he was so fond of!!

I had first met Barney when Patrick his owner was walking him as a bouncy young pup who would bound up to meet and greet everyone he saw - whether it was a snappy terrier or an indulgent Rottie -and he loved the postman (we often wondered if the postman helped him in his 'escapes).

Everyone knew Barney and Everyone loved him - and he will be missed by us all - well maybe not the ones who are still 'wondering' where their 'packed lunches' disappeared to - so with a fond farewell Adieu - Goodbye Barney - RIP and I am sure you will soon be creating havoc with all the other canine 'Angels'.