Tuesday 29 November 2011

CHANNEL FIVE Inside London 8pm

29th November 2011

Tonight I will be appearing on Channel Five at 8pm for the Inside Story Programme about life in the community of Westminster - My Role is to help owners be more responsible, respect and care for their dogs!!! I have not seen any 'preview' of the programme so I hope that we all behaved - accordingly.  It will show clips of my dog socialising classes in Westminster and the Dog Factor Show in Queens Park, which was kindly supported by City West Homes.

Socialising classes supported by Westminster Council offer 'dog owners' and their 'pets' the opportunity of free training and dog advice, and many resident dog owners were happy to take part.

I also hope the programme portrays the 100% commitment needed for being responsible not only for your dog's wellbeing but also for the publics'! In my classes I also discuss environmental issues (ie.picking up after your dog) and the consequences if you DON'T - Dogs being on leads in public areas - again the dangers for your dog as well as intimidation of non dog owners and other dog owners.

Neutering and Spaying - the importance but also we discuss the negatives and the positives.  Microchipping and Insurance for your pet (covering medical bills and lost or missing dogs).  Getting a 'family' pet should be just that a commitment - For Life  - so think whether you have the time , (your working hours) holidays - (who will look after your pet) and the exercise (small dogs need sometimes more exercise than big ones) Winter, Rain or Shine!

Tuesday 1 November 2011


29th October, 2011

Film crew, Dogs, Councillors and the DOG FACTOR!!

I was asked by Fahema Akthar from City West Homes if I would arrange and organise a 'Dog Show' in St Judes Hall for the local community and then was hooked on planning and organising this great event!!
On Saturday after weeks of organisation, promotional leaflets and designing dog rosettes for the DOG FACTOR show in Queens Park, London W10 - all the hard work paid off and it was a great success!!

This was my eighth 'dog show' event but the first indoor venue where  seven 'different' dog categories were  mixing together in a confined area!! from Frankie a yorkshire terrier to Ebony a rottwieler standing side by side!!! The categories were Ms Diva - won by Ebony - Mr Slick won by Ollie the retriever - Best Senior won by Khan and Max - Best rescue - Josie the Jack Russell and Frankie - Pup Idol by Alfie the Jack Russell - Best Socialised Dog and Owner - Nico the Akita/Husky.

I luv my staffi rosettes were given out to all the 'staffordshire bull terriers' - cause they were all winners. All well behaved and making their owners proud!!!

Prizes were bought at Grand Union Pets Chippenham Road W9, who kindly gave me a hugh discount - a big thank you to them!! Rosettes were designed by myself and 'Dog Factor' certificates were given to First and Second Winners.

Registration was between 1pm - 1.55pm and the Dog Factor Show commenced at 2pm-4pm .  All the time I was observing and supervising the dogs taking part and ready to anticipate any 'anti social doggy behaviour'. Meanwhile being filmed for Channel 5 by the Production Crew who also were asking me questions about the 'event' and 'dog issues'.  I did forget I was wearing a microphone all the time I was directing 'dogs' and owners' to the stage when the categories were called!!

There was a 'special cup' awarded to Khan the staffie/x and Max the Husky/GSD for their 'work' in the community - promoting  'socialisation with other dogs and people in the community' and promoting 'Its not the Breed - Its the Deed'.

Lastly I was so proud to see Ebony the Rottweiler and her owner chosen by the 'judges' as the DOG FACTOR WINNER.  Ebony is a credit to Naz her owner and shows the true charactistics of this breed - gentle - gracious and a well balanced dog

Wednesday 5 October 2011

FILMING at Dog Socialising Class

24th September 2011

A film crew were at our class on Saturday and with the permission of most of the dog owners - the dogs were enjoying 'instant doggy stardom'! A television channel is producing a documentary on 'Westminster' and what community events they support; Classes for owners and their dogs to make them more socialised and environmentally responsible was one of them.  So here we are - 'Movie Stars'!

To me it was a special day NOT because of Film crews But because I met Milo the little yorkie whose lovely owner was in a wheelchair.  Milo had never had the chance to be socialised off lead with other dogs, but at the end of the session to hear his owner say how much more confident she felt was rewarding to hear.  (Photos will be posted soon).

I must admit being filmed and having a microphone attached, was a bit distracting and dogs being dogs were enjoying the 'attention' in more ways than one.  Milo full of his new found freedom 'stole' an onlookers ball and decided to run round with it in his mouth.  Did I learn something from that - yes - Milo was not learning 'leave it' that easily and wasn't letting go!! Meanwhile 'welcome back Jimmy' the terrier' was Barking for Britain and some of the others started to join in the 'doggy chorus' and Archie had found a new 'doggy pal' to chase!!

Did we learn anything - Recall was hilarious!! But 'walking to heel' homework was really good! We also discussed 'Barking at the Bell' an 'indoors problem' but I gave some advice and showed how it could be corrected (without the bell)!!

Next class is 8th October as I will  be attending the 'Animal Blessing' at St Martins Church NW10 on the 1st October.

Looking forward to it - Back to an ordinary lesson.

NB Just like to Thank George and his assistant for being so patient with us all - total doggy mayhem!!

Dog Socialising Classes South Westminster September 2011

17th September 2011 Classes commenced at St. Georges Square, supported by Churchill Ward. It was mainly 'dog registration day' and meeting new 'arrivals' Mattie the cockopoodle (yes that really is a breed of dog!!) - Poppy the westie - Boots the cairn terrier rescued from a 'dog pound' in Ireland.  There are lots of stray dogs in Ireland who sadly end up in the dog pound where their 'owners' are given 7 days to 'claim' them.  Once the 7 days is up, and if the dogs are not rescued they are put to sleep.  Lucky for 'Boots the cairn terrier' he was adopted and rescued. Then we had 'Tiny' the pomeranian with 'small dog syndrome'. It was also good to see the 'regulars' Archie the whippet who remembered his 'little friends' Petal and Snowy BUT didn't chase them - Good Boy Archie you learnt 'something' from the previous classes!!

Next class 24th September same time same place

We walked in pairs walking to heel on the lead and using the block - this is not only a learning process but also helps the dogs and owners to socialise with each other.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Annual Great Communities Day 3rd September 2011

Saturday 3rd September Vincent Street SW1

What a Great Day was had by all - City West Homes Really pulled out all the stops - catering for kids (funfair and candyfloss) 'afternoon tea' for the 'Seniors' and lots of stalls and music entertainment by amazing singers!!

At my 'Dog Advice Stall' I had water for 'thirsty dogs' and 'doggy treats' and gave out over 200 environmentally friendly 'poop bags'!

Advice was given on 'dog aggression on lead' 'seperation issues' 'constant barking' 'neutering/spaying your pet - when and at what age. I did a 'demonstration' on how to stop a dog pulling on the lead.

As new 'dog socialising classes' are starting on 17th September 2011 in the 'dog area' in St Georges Square SW1 at 2pm-3.30pm I gave out leaflets with all the details and my telephone number. (Any queries they can telephone me).

These classes are supported by 'CHURCHILL COUNCILLORS WARD BUDGET'

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Dog Advice Stall Vincent Street SW1 3rd September 2011

September 3rd, 2011


I have been asked to have a DOG ADVICE STALL by City West Homes in South Westminster during their ANNUAL GREAT COMMUNITIES DAY on Saturday.

I will be giving advice on all dog related behavioural and environmental issues' also I will be giving a demonstration on 'dog handling'.

Environmental Poop Bags will be given out, as well as access to water bowls for 'thirsty dogs'. Vouchers for FREE neutering/spaying of all Bull Breeds will be available and Advice will be offered on the positives of neutering/spaying your pet and local rescues that do low cost care.
NB: Mayhew Animal Home TrenMar Gardens London NW10 6BJ or check their website www.mayhewanimalhome.org - PROVIDE FREE NEUTERING/SPAYING OF ALL BULLBREEDS in London

I hope you will come along on Saturday, I Promise I am well trained and DO NOT BITE!!


Sunday 7 August 2011

Dog Socialising Classes 6th August 2011 3pm

Saturday 6th August,2011

It was just the right weather for dogs - not too hot and not raining - We had three German Shepherds from a puppy to a eight year old in the class , beautiful dogs. Satchmo the pup was so happy to be chasing tails of his peers till he was firmly 'told off' by Cedar who had tolerated enough 'puppy play'. We walked round in pairs so I could 'observe' lead control - Thomas the German Spitz was trotting along nicely until he saw another dog (this was a problem his owner had - she said he was unpredictable with his behaviour towards other dogs). I demonstrated with Thomas - how to do the 'block' (using your left foot in front of the dog to block) stop and to relax the lead and using no verbal just 'lead control'.

When we reached the secure enclosure in Paddington Recreation Ground - dogs were let off (I was observing them all the time) while they interacted with each other. It is very important to observe your dog and study his body language and learn his behaviour pattern!

Dogs back on leads we then discussed individual issues that needed to be readdressed. For example with Satchmo his recall was excellent But he had very bad 'seperation anxiety' (which is probablly why his recall was so good) He didn't want to leave his owners side. I did suggest that maybe it would be a good idea to have a one to one at home so I could see his behaviour and what reactions his owner did when she left him alone. Benji the Maltese Terrier on the other hand was quite happy to be left alone for a few hours But his recall was 'when he was ready to come back' 'if' and 'what time'!!

Another 'Free time' off lead in the enclosure then 'doggy homework' given - it was going home time already!

Apologies for Absence Daisy and Millie the 'jack russells' Frank the Staffie, Cleo the Mixed Cross and Shadow the Husky.

Friday 5 August 2011

Dog Socialising Classes 6th August 2011 3pm

Dog Socialising Classes Paddington Recreation Grounds

6th, 13th and 20th August, 2011

Classes starting again at 3pm-4.30pm and we are all meeting by the cafe in Paddington Rec.  All Breeds welcome but NO extension leads please!!

We will be getting dogs and owners socialised in the first session, walking on leads to correct any pulling, and discussing diet, grooming and any 'anti social doggy behavioural issues' your dog may have.

We will also be practicing 'recall' and 'sit' and 'stay,

These classes are FREE and funded by the Wards of Queens Park and Harrow Road so take this opportunity to 'learn' using reward not punishment and also to socialise with other dogs and owners.

All queries to Crissie on 07949 523 710

Sunday 31 July 2011

Home Checks on Dogs

Home checks are not to judge but to help would be dog guardians understand the full commitment of taking on a 'rescue' dog or dogs. To make sure the home environment is secure and safe for both the dog (s) and the guardians -also to advise on how to react to any behavioural issues the dog (s) may have.

Most of the home checks I do are on dogs that have little or no 'history' and though most of them have had an assessment by a rescue - once the 'honeymoon period' is over other issues might emerge.

Usually all rescues are 'neutered' or 'spayed' and microchipped but if not it is part of the adoption process and is usually insisted upon.  Too many 'unwanted' litters end up in shelters worldwide! Also pet insurance is important especially in main towns as you are responsible not only for your dogs safety BUT the public safety; for example 'road accidents' 'dog attacks' 'public liability'.

As a home checker I like to do a follow up three months after the pre visit to see how the dogs are but also to check with the owners how everything is working out! I also give out a contact number so that if there are any problems or just a general query I am available to advise.

I have over eleven years of experience doing home checks and you are  not there as 'judge and jury' - you are there to advise, find out how committed people are but also Listen to people and observe and thats what helps you make 'hopefully' and to the best of your ability - The right decision.  For me its  what is best for the dog and that the owner has that committment that could be for the next fifthteen years of the dogs life.

NB  I always STRESS that NO Dog should be left with a child on its own without supervision of an able bodied adult.

Thursday 21 July 2011


Dog Advice Stalls in W10 W9

Both events went really well - gave out advice for 'barking dogs' 'aggression towards other dogs offlead' 'jumping up at strangers' and 'separation anxiety'.  On the Environmental side I gave away over 300 poop bags to dog owners and three free neutering vouchers for 'bull breeds'.

There was also music, entertainment for the kids - and adults!!

Gina from WECH (W9) and Guy from City West Homes (W10) did a great job at the organising of their individual events!

Monday 4 July 2011


10th July 2011 12.30pm - 4.30pm

Hi All Dog Lovers and 'Learners'!!

Once again I have been invited back to WECH's Community Festival in Tamplin Mews Maida Vale W9 and am really looking forward to the Festival that has everything for everyone!! Music, Food Entertainment for all (children, adults and seniors).

I will be offering Free Advice on 'dog behavioural problems', giving out information about dog care and the latest on 'dog socialising classes' funded by 'Harrow Road Ward' and local 'dog activities'.  There will be information and free 'vouchers' for neutering 'bull breeds' and you are welcome to discuss with me the pros and cons of neutering your pet!

Nervous around dogs, Are your children fearful of approaching dogs, Let me talk you through what to do when you see a dog in the street or a local park. Most IMPORTANTLY let me tell you how to Be safe around dogs outdoors and in the home.

Hope you can come and enjoy the day, it is a Family Event and something for everyone!!! Come and meet me on my 'Dog Advice Stall' - promise I don't bite!!!

Dog Advice Stall Queens Park Gardens W10

9th July 2011 At Queens Park Gardens London W10

Advice on Dog handling, dog behavioural problems and offering Free 'Neutering Vouchers' to all 'Bull Breed' Owners on 9th July @ Queens Park Gardens.

City West Homes have organised a tribute plaque to be placed in Queens Park Gardens in honour of the Queens Park Rangers Football club that first started all those years ago in St. Judes Hall Queens Park. There will be entertainment for the kids and stalls.  City West Homes has asked me to have a 'Dog Advice Stall' focusing on 'responsible ownership and environmental issues and also addressing 'dogs' behavioural issues in the community. I will be there from 12pm-3,30pm on 9th July.

Monday 6 June 2011

'Talking on BBC Radio 'Barking at the Moon' 94.9FM

2nd June 2011

Was interviewed on BBC Radio by Joanne Good and Anna Webb on 'Barking at the Moon' Live in the Studio on Thursday night!! They were so warm and welcoming and Matilda the English Bulldog and Mollie the Minature English Bull Terrier were gorgeous.  Wanted to take them home but my handbag wasn't big enough!!

I was talking about my work in schools and libaries educating children about 'acting responsibly around dogs' and 'addressing children's fear of dogs'.My passion and pride in my local community and helping 'young dog owners with their 'bull breeds' and how to have a socialable dog using reward not punishment - and still be macho!!

Thursday 2 June 2011

South Westminster Agility

Jimmy the terrier is getting the idea!!
Fun and games at 'Dog Socialising Classes' in South Westminster.  Agility stimulates dogs and also helps with the training - making it fun for both dogs and owner
Another great day for 'dogs and owners' . The 'Two gentlemen pugs' were more interested in 'treat rewards' than 'working for them'.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

South Westminster Dog Socialising Classes

Saturday 14th September 2011 St Georges Square SW1

We had some new members this week!! Frankie the French Bull Dog who was quick to know who was 'Boss' - thats right he thought it was him!! Then we had Dorf  another jack russell who had never been socialized with other dogs off lead and was very nervous.  A latecomer was Fleur who at 14 weeks was ready for action - typical jack russell. Another Bull breed who was much better humoured that his owner (I had him eating out of my hand at the end of the session!!) the dog not the owner!!

Jimmy the terrier didn't want to join in (he wanted to play ball) but when he was able to show off his recall he was ready to 'obey the rules'.

Classes as well as socailising should be fun for both dog and owner. No owner should be made to feel nervous or stupid and I try to make people in my class feel welcome and empowered and communicate with them to inspire them to want to learn and come back for more!!

We practiced 'Walking to Heel' and 'Jumping up' and then Recall, making sure the dogs had their 'Free Time' off lead and socialising in between.

Agility next saturday with the 'Hoop' and the 'Hurdle' and  'How not to Chase Footballs in the Park'.
Should be fun - but also will help in training 'Sit' 'Stay' and 'Recall'.

Lungworm Be Aware

Lungworm is a potentially fatal parasite worm that infects many snails and slugs that in turn are eaten by our family pet either by accident or purposely, absorbing the worms into their bodies. The worms absorbed into the body make their way to the heart where they produce eggs which enter the bloodstream and lodge in the lungs. This can cause massive reactions in the lungs and can be fatal if not treated by your vet early.

Symptons can be hard to detect early but if your dog has any of these symptons be on the safe side and take them to your vet. 

a. dogs lose weight.
b. bad coughing sound
c  vomiting and diarrhoea
d unusual behaviour

Prevention is going to your vet and getting a 'spot on' that is reccommended. If you require more information about lungworm go to http://www.lungworm.co.uk/

Monday 9 May 2011

DOG SOCIALISING CLASSES (supported By Westminster Council)

South Westminster Dog Socialising Classes 7th May ST GEORGES SQUARE SW1

What a great day!! My First session for 2011  went really well, eight bull breeds, two jack russells, one beagle, one lab, two rescue mixed terriers and a maltese x - all NAUGHTY but Nice!!

Firstly - we discussed any 'behaviour issues'  (mostly pulling on lead, jumping up, barking non stop and lack of recall). It was important to assess each dog and see how socialized they were with both other dogs and people, so we all walked round the large 'dog area' (dogs on leads) in pairs - practicing 'walking to heel' and how to use 'the block'. This also was socialising the dogs in a group - walking together.

Then the dogs were 'off lead' (under constant observation) interacting with each other.  Dogs once 'unattached' to us - humans (who often transfer their own stress to the dogs through 'lead contact') usually interact well with each other.  It is often ourselves that 'cause' the problems! It is important to observe your dog and to understand your dog's body language but also feel confident in yourself.  If you don't feel confident and 'stress' free - not only does your dog pick up on your anxiety but other dogs could too and they could react aggressively.

Jessie a very pretty staffordshire bull terrier had a problem with other dogs when she was on lead (off lead she was fine) and also having been bitten once by the local bully (a jack russell) - now - was slightly 'anti'! I got her owner to walk round with Romeo the Jack Russell (both on leads). A few growls at first but using no 'negative' verbal and rewarding only 'positive' reactions - Jessie learnt Fast!! Clever Girl.

Kane a big softy (Bull Mastiff X) was one of the 'pullers' - more practice needed - gave his owner some 'walking to heel' homework!

.Jimmy a lovely rescue has got a 'vocal' problem - Barks for Britain and Romeo he is a pup that joins in!!

Whats on the Agenda next week - Barking , Recall and Checking 'Doggy Homework''; can't wait.

2pm next Saturday 14th May


Monday 25 April 2011

South Westminster Dog Workshop 26th April, 2011

Dog Workshop @ St. Georges Square London SW1
Time 11.00a.m.-12.30p.m.

Classes are starting again in South Westminster on Saturday 7th May 2011, and every 'dog owner' in South Westminster can register for the classes tommorrow at the Dog Workshop.

I will be there to give Advice and some one-one training (Free) on any 'dog behavioural ' problem.  Free Neutering Vouchers for 'all Bull Breeds' will be available and advice on pet insurance, diet, visiting the vet' 'seperation anxiety' 'dogs pulling on the lead' toliet training' and 'any local dog issues'

'All Breeds of Dogs' are dear to my heart and with patience, understanding their body language, vet checks and lots of TLC you can have a 'lifelong' companion' who will love you back unconditionally.

Look forward to meeting the new 'dogs on the block' and their owners tommorrow!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Luv a Staffie!!

Grace with owner Venetia
Grace is a a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who in her first few months of life knew only neglect and abuse, UNTIL Venetia decided she would rescue Grace.  Grace was scared at first but with loving care from her new owner Grace learnt to 'Trust Again'.

As you can see in the photo above Grace is very much a well loved and socialised dog. A credit to her 'new owner, Venetia - and now lives happily with an elderly cat. (Sleeping on the sofa together)!!!

Its great when there is a 'Doggy Happy Ending' after such a bad start in life!

Dog Clinic

First Dog Clinic in Queens Park Westminster

On Monday April the 4th 2011 we held our first Dog Clinic at St. Judes Hall in Queens Park W10. This event was very successful with general health checks and free micro chipping offered to the first five attendees carried out by the Westminster Dog Warden's.

Thanks to Guy Sanderson from City West Homes Westminster and Westminster Dog Wardens for all their help in the organisation and participation of this event.

Neutering success

Polo a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Polo is a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was one of the dogs attending dog socialising  classes in Queens Park West London.

Regarding breeding and how so many bull breeds end up in animal rescue homes, education regarding neutering these breeds is essential. Today Polo's owner will be taking him to be neutered at the Mayhew Animal Home in West London.

Monday 4 April 2011

Dog Advice Workshop 4th April 2011

DOG ADVICE AND RAFFLE @ St Judes Hall Ilbert Street London W10

April 4th which is 'Stray Animals Worldwide' Day there is an event in St Judes Hall, Ilbert Street, London W10 commencing at 10am - 12pm.  The Local 'Westminster ' Dog Warden will be there to offer FREE MICROCHIPPING to the first five 'dog owners' that arrive and £10 to anyone that comes later.

I will be there at 10am -12pm to offer advice on dog training, spaying and neutering and any behaviour problem. I will also be giving out Free neutering/spaying vouchers to all 'bull breed' dog owners. (To be taken to Mayhew Animal Home, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green NW10).

RAFFLE to be drawn at 12pm.

Any Dog Owner can buy a raffle ticket for £1.00 in aid of Baan Unrak Animal Sanctury (Street Dogs of Thailand) and the prize is Me!!! Or rather One Hours Free  Dog Training Session. http://www.canineculture.co.uk/

Thursday 10 February 2011


Chrisse with Missy and Chelsea


Queens Park library Harrow Road London W10  5pm-6pm
I will be holding an Educational Event for Children from 5-12 (accompanied by Parents) on Valentines Day. They will meet Missy Blue who will help educate them regarding 'Being Safe and Secure' around dogs and to address any fears some children might have.

There will be a competition to 'Draw A Pet' and pens and paper provided and fun prizes to be won! Also they can meet 'Guest Dogs' Josie a rescued jack russell and Frankie a yorkshire terrier - who is a typical male who loves the 'ladies'!

These Fun Educational Events are very important and Queens Park library and the local schools all make these events possible by supporting me a 100%.

Sunday 23 January 2011

DOG SOCIALISING CLASSES (supported By Westminster Council)

Dog Socialising Classes commencing 29th January 2011 at 11.30am-13.00pm

      Tamplin Mews
       off Chippenham Road,
       London W9

These classes will run for six weeks and are Free to all dogowners living in W9 Area (Harrow Road Ward). All dog breeds welcome but must be on leads (no extension leads) please.

The classes will include walking to heel on lead, to stop pulling on lead, recall, and of course socializing with other dogs!  Education regarding neutering/spaying, toilet training, both mental and physical stimulation of your dog and also advice on diet and environmental issues (i.e. picking up after your dog).

The actual training and socialization will last one hour, giving time after the class to ask advice and discuss how the class helped each individual owner and their dog.

I have Full Pet Trainers Insurance and can take upto sixteen dogs in my class. Families are welcome but all children under eighteen MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesday 4 January 2011



Happy New Year BUT What about Christmas and though NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES it is said DO NOT GET A PUP FOR XMAS THEY R FOR LIFE! - The Rescues in UK and USA are Full of unwanted puppies!

Some Shelters have actually had senior dogs surrendered (given up/abandoned) and owners coming back for young puppies - OUT with the old dog - IN with the new!

Christmas - kids are excited then the NEW pup chews their presents - and oh yes NO TOILET TRAINING! (Hey did they really THINK the puppy came with an instruction kit - i.e. how to toilet train myself). Excitement doesn't last long like the presents cast aside - discarded and forgotten. Your 'Mistake ' is one more casualty of Christmas - some aren't even taken to a rescue - some are just Left Abandoned (Someone will find him/her - The 'pup' will Be Alright) - He won't DIE! Won't He? Could He? - Yes!

In US alone thousands of dogs are euthanized BEFORE CHRISTMAS and After NEW Year - due to pups being sold and abandoned. In UK Thousands of puppies and senior dogs are put to sleep, mostly Bull Breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and in Ireland thousands of all breeds of Dogs are in Dog Pounds - Given seven days before their lives are OVER.

Think Before getting a pup/dog - What Breed suits you - your environment - your working hours - your family - your lifestyle But MOST OF ALL - Think about the puppy/dog!  And DON'T GET A DOG FOR XMAS - Get one in the NEW YEAR - When and If you are sure you can commit for LIFE.