Thursday 19 April 2012

Tali the Rescue Therapy Dog

Tali the rescue 'therapy' dog
Monday 16th April 2012

Imagine getting to an age or a time when you have to live your life without your 'feline' or 'canine' friend - and have to move into a 'residential care home'!  That is why having a 'therapy dog' and an organisation that can visit on a regular basis and of course permission of the care home brightens up so many lives.

Tali is a beautiful four year old Siberian Husky who was abandoned on the streets of London.  Tali is a gentle girl and just loved the attention from the elderly residents and is now looking for a home;

Tali is good with children and other dogs and of course a great 'therapy dog'. I know that her visit was a great success and as her 'dog handler' for the day I was so proud of her

Education on Dog Care and Responsibility

Crissie and 'Missy-Blue' @ Queens Park Library
2lst March 2012

Missy Blue and I went to Queens Park Library to do a talk on animal care and responsibility.
Some  children are scared of dogs and do not know how to react around them - and their actions could ACTUALLY enhance and excite a dogs behaviour.

When a child sees a dog coming towards them their reaction can be to show their fear by screaming, shouting or worse still running!  The dog (majority) could see this as a game and get excited jumping up and chasing after the child.  It does not mean the dog is aggressive - that it will bite the child BUT  the 'game' to the dog is 'fear and pure fright' to a child!

So in these 'talks' I explain how to act around dogs - NOT to run - Stand Still try to remain as calm as they can and NOT Scream, Shout or Kick out at the dog.  If approaching a dog ALWAYS ask their owner if  it is alright to stroke the dog BEFORE you do!

Missy Blue my own 'rescue dog' loves 'attention' and being 'stroked' but she has been trained to wait until the child approaches her - (some children  have never been near a dog before and are very nervous) sit patiently while they 'decide' to stroke her.  Some go to pat her then change their minds and then get 'brave' again and so forth, so Missy Blue has to be very patient and not jump up or move towards them but 'sit' for quite a while!!  It is a great way of introducing children to dogs and also making them understand the responsibility of having a 'family pet' and the need to understand that all living creatures need to be treated with care and respect

Sunday 8 April 2012

Dog socialising classes South Westminster Third and fourth session update Second Session March 2012

31st March, 2012

Dog Training in St George's Square SW1
Last week was sunshine and mayhem!!  Lots of dogs eager to learn and also have fun, Ceasar the staffordshire bull terrier was my 'star pupil' - he was being 'very polite' when greeting the smaller breeds and during 'play time' was bounding up to everyone but put 'his brakes on' during 'recall and returned to his owner - well done Ceasar and his owner!!

Snowy and Petal the two chihuahuas were mixing in well but their owner was 'wary' of the new 'doggy members' to the class so I teamed her up with Ceasar 's owner (walking on lead) and after 'socialised' walking together a couple of times - she felt more confident which related back to snowy and petal!

Jimmy the terrier mix decided he was 'bored' and wanted his 'ball back' (confiscated during 'sit' and 'stay' started Barking whereupon his owner turned her back and ignored him - it worked - for a while anyway and then it was 'play time'. Dorf the jack russell loves this part of the class and it improves his recall as the 'ball' is his motivation to return to his owner!! Some dogs will return for 'food' (treats) but others need another ' motivation' - you have to find that 'focus' and work with it with your dog.  Everyone wants their dog to be socialised but you MUST feel confident that your dog's recall is 100% before letting them off in a open space that has no enclosure. If you can not call back your dog and he decided to follow another dog out of the park - this could lead to an 'accident with a car - If your dog runs up to a dog that is on lead because of 'certain issues' and is attacked then you  could be held  responsible because YOU did not have your dog under control 'off lead'.  Also there is that 'summer picnic' that is JUST waiting for your dog to consume because you have not ' got his focus and he is not listening to you calling him back!! Find your dogs 'focus reward' and practice in enclosed areas off lead or use a long line in large open spaces.

Fourth Session

Thank goodness the rain held off!! This Saturday I commenced with a 'Workshop' from 2pm - 2.30pm - this was so I could work with the 'owners' and their 'dogs' on individual issues.  I had fudge the young lab puppy, Dolly the six month little terrier who kept escaping when her owner opened the front door - Tommy the Old English sheepdog who pulled his owner on lead!! Dorf came along for the ride and then helped with the 'doggy workshop' by showing off his skills he had learnt.  It was a good time to also answer questions from other dog owners on diet - growling at other dogs when 'on lead' - 'neutering/spaying issues' - 'what to do when a bitch was in season' - the 'need for pet insurance- and 'liability'.

Lastly a belated 'registered member' and welcome to 'Buddy' the little chihuahua who said 'a socialised welcome' to all - big and small.

Last session is 14th April 2pm