Sunday 9 December 2012

Bereavement - Tribute to Tilly the Rescue Cavalier

Animal Bereavement

Losing a beloved pet is one of the darkest days of your life - it is like losing one of the family - and sometimes it is hard to know when the time is right.  A vet will advise you but they can not make your decision for you - they can not tell you or show you the pain.

Only your precious pet can tell you that - (if only they could) - maybe they seem slower -yes  but they are getting old - they are still eating (maybe less - but then they do not go out much any more). Our ideal dream is they 'kiss us goodbye' and then go for that eternal sleep in our arms - but sadly it doesn't often happen  that way - and we have to decide 'when' it is time.  I have had to make the decision twice in my adult life - and it was heartbreaking - I hope this poem I wrote in tribute to an ex mayhew rescue dog 'Tilly' helps those who might have to make that 'saddest decision' this Christmas.

                                                            May I Leave Now

May I leave now - Will you let me say a Final Goodbye.
You gave me MY LIFE - You Came at the Final Hour - You Came
- You Rescued Me - And I Loved you from that Day.

May I Leave now - Take that Final Walk - Take the Step - Beyond
You will always have my heart but please set my spirit free

At first I fought - I did not want to go - I did not want to leave you -
I loved you so

But now I am feeling so old - and now I feel the pain
And Oh I can See the Shining Light of Freedom - reaching out
to me

May I leave now
Can I say my final goodbye
Sweet Mama - Please Please don't You Cry

I can see you are afraid - I can see it in your tears

I can try and give you one more day - but then that is really all I can give
My body is so tired - and I know it really is my time

So thank you for loving me - You know I love you too
Hold me one more time - and let me hear you say

Goodnight my Darling and
send me
On my final journey

Sunday 11 November 2012

Discover Dogs Earls Court London UK

11th November 2012

Firstly I must say a message of pride to our soldiers past and present that served our country on Rememberance Sunday - And   I wore my poppy with pride.

I was lucky to be  invited to Discover Dogs in Earls Court by Natasha Mason who was collecting articles and photos for her new 'doggy magazine' coming out in the New Year Bowowow!!!

We both arrived in the afternoon amidst  rescue dogs, show dogs, guide dogs for the blind and many more organisations connected to the world of Dogs! I bounced behind Natasha like an excited jack russell as she took Discover Dogs by storm with her amazing 'meet and greet' - as she explained in avid detail her up and coming magazine.

I wandered over to the mayhew animal home stall and though there had been lots of inquires about Cleo a staffie pup and Rocky a lurcher pup (found in a cardboard box in nearby woodland) - no offers as yet!!! Talked to Caroline Yates Director of the Mayhew and  the indespensible  volunteers about 'Louie' and 'Ruth' who are two long stayers and then moved on to based in Berkshire - a great rescue - they search - locate and reunite  missing and vunerable people - all the dogs in the team are pets and their handlers are all volunteers.

Then I saw 'Darcy a Borozo from the wilds of Russia (in russian Borozo means 'Swift') Photos later - Amazing beautiful dogs that run like the wind. Natasha took some incredible  photos!

Last but not least I have to mention Dogue De Bordeux Welfare - I was humbled by their aspiring dedication to this beautiful breed - They  always offer Rehoming  Support and Advice for Everyone on:-

How to combat the stigma towards DDB's suffering from Slobbertis by offering advice and education on how to deal with it.

To rehome DDB's in safe and comfortable homes -

You want to know more about them then check them out on Facebook Dogue De Bordeaux Welfare Twitter @DDBwelfareUK or email

What a great afternoon of 'doggy heaven' - thanks Natasha for inviting me.

Friday 26 October 2012

Crissie Chambers at Queens Park Library

 HALLOWEEN  SPECIAL  on MONDAY 29th October 2012

Missy Blue my jack russell  and I will be at Queens Park Library  666 Harrow Road, London W10 4NE on 29th October at 4pm to celebrate an early HALLOWEEN 'trick or treats'.

Kids from 5 upwards and their parents will be invited to a 'talk' and 'meet and greet' Missy Blue at the local library - no tricks just treats!!! I will be talking about Taking care of our pets during festivities - keeping our pets safe and being responsible with the way we act around other peoples pets.

Cats are often  seen roaming around during Halloween and even though it is not the official time of fireworks - they are still being set off  and are frightening to our pets. Dogs should be walked earlier as every year rescues are bombarded with calls of missing cats, or dogs that have run off - in fright.

Also when kids are trick or treating for their safety  they should be accompanied by a suitable adult and not left to go out on their own NO MATTER how early in the evening it could be.

So if you live locally in Queens Park W10 or Harrow Road Area Please come along with your children  and meet missy blue who loves the attention and is a 'model doggy pupil'

Monday 22 October 2012

Dog Assessments in Central London UK
 Crissie Chambers NOCN - Tel 07535754865
NVQ2 with credits in Dog Aggression and Dog Behaviour
I have worked with rescue dogs since 1997 - with all dog breeds - my passion is Dogs and learning more and more about how their body language and how OUR own reaction to  their behaviour  is so important to 'get right'!  Diet is also important - a bad diet full of colorants could make your dog hyperactive or not enough fiber could lead to the need to the tendency to eat tissues, newspapers etc .  Socialising a pup from an early age is so important - not only with other dogs (after all vaccinations are upto date) but with different sounds. Giving them a rountine and boundaries and start how you mean to go on - when the pup is  small and cute   - IF you let them on the sofas - beds etc and then when they get bigger YOU decide that IT was not such a good idea - suddenly they ARE told NO - confusion sets in and thats when you wonder why they start showing teeth and signs of dominance - or - aggression.  Remember all dogs need a 'reward' to focus on during training - this could be food -  or a ball - or toy - something that your dog can be motivated by that will stimulate them to 'react' positively to training.

It is so important before you decide to get a puppy - to look into the breed that will suit your lifestyle and also that your lifestyle will include and be 'right' for your pup.  Your home environment - is it suitable for a large dog or more suitable for a small dog.  Your working hours - is someone home during the day - who will look after the dog when you go away - or when you are at work. The mental and physical stimulation the dog breed you choose will need.  Just because your dog is a jack russell or another small dog - they will still need lots of exercise - a whippet or greyhound though they need exercise - do like their home comforts and are often seen to be 'doggy couch potatoes'!!
Of course if you do decide to get a puppy - make sure you see the parents - and are able to visit the breeders - NEVER get a dog from a pet shop - often these pups come from backstreet breeders or puppy farms.

Remember Dogs are for life and you should be ready to commit for ten  years or more when you get a pup

Sunday 21st October, 2012

Another dog class in South Westminster - a warm doggy welcome to Finn the whippet a new member to the class at St Georges Square SW1! Finn is just four months old and full of puppy bounce and 'lets play' - wearing his bright blue doggy coat he was more into playing with other dogs - then 'learning' dog socialising skills'.  Bailey the lab puppy was glad of another 'new' playmate to chase and entice in the joys of a the 'puddles' in the Dog Area! Tank the other 'large' pup was rather aloof and was waiting for the training session to begin!

'Attention - please' - back on leads and lets stop that pulling - walking to heel - using the block as a non verbal command - stop - block - walk to heel - walking in canine 'pairs' - then practice the 'sit and stay'.

Bailey's recall has improved but his walking on lead makes him anxious and his owner has asked if he can have a one on one at a later date.  Bailey gets distressed while walking on the street at traffic - loud noises - and whines consistantly and needs individual training 'outside the dog area'.

Another lady comes in to the park - without her dog - she had only just heard about the 'free dog classes funded by 'South Westminster Wards' and said she definitely was coming to the next one!!

Last class until the spring is 28th October at 2pm at the 'Dog Area' St Georges Square SW1.

Friday 12 October 2012

The Blessing

Saturday the 6th October at St Martins Church Mortimer Road NW10

What a great way to celebrate World Animal Day, The Feast Day of Francis of Assisi. There was Pluta, Holly, BB, Mollie from Rumania, - big dogs - small dogs, cats  (in their carriers) a rabbit and of course my two 'girls' Missy Blue and Chelsea Rose!

 Graham Noyce  the Animal Loving Reverand led the service  and holds this 'event' every year in his church where all animals are given a warm welcome. We sang -  accompanied by our pets - who sounded a lot more in tune than we did!!  We prayed for those that had blessed our lives but were no longer with us.  We prayed for Urgent Homeless Dogs - The Poundies (Dogs on Death Row) Animals that had suffered and those ones we could not save from man's destruction.
Missy Blue and Chelsea Rose being blessed and I asked for animal friends to be blessed in USA, Canada, Turkey and Worldwide.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Dog Socialising Classes in South Westminster 2012

Update on classes held in Dog Area St Georges Square SW1

Classes have begun again in SW1!!!! Beautiful day with new pups waiting to learn some doggy social graces - dog owners needing advice on toilet training their new additions to the family!

Bailey and Bonnie two labrador pups bounded over to say Hello - jumping up - then running in circles around their owners - Fudge another labrador came back for more sessions.  At ten months Fudge is now like the 'outrageous teenager' thinking he knows it all!!

Purdy at three years old had come to mix and socialise with the bigger dogs and to learn 'some lead control'!! Millie the cairn terrier a lovely little girl but her owner was wary of letting her meet and greet older larger dogs.

Nemo Duke was a large dog who needed to brush up on his social skills.  His owner wanted him to mix more but in a safer environment and thought the 'classes' would be ideal to introduce Nemo Duke to the area.

Then in walks or pulls his owner into the area is Cola a husky cross just a pup but already in charge - with a friend Snowy a beautiful white samoyed with his lovely willing to learn owner.

Must NOT  forget the maltese terrier Pooch - another 'puller' and Woof a Jack russell terrier x - running around so excited by all the new doggy friends!!

Snowy and Petal suddenly appeared halfway through the lesson with a few other old faces.  'Next time everyone on time please - Sadly no sign of Cesaer the staffie - his owner had done so well  I was hoping to see her today. Apparently someone made her feel uncomfortable (no one in the last class) but when she came into the dog area on her own - told her she shouldn't come in with a staffie.  I find that so negative when people judge the breed not the deed.

The follow up session went really well - it was great to see the owners taking in my advice and doing their doggy homework.

Next session is Saturday 22nd September - same place same time 2pm
 Meeting Bailey and his owner at 1.30pm to have an extra one to one session - Bailey has problem with walking along the street - he whimpers and does not want to move - he needs to get socialised with the sounds of traffic and the bustle of the streets.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

'I luv my Staffie' Maida Vale Dog Show 2012

Here is what good dog ownership is all about!! Gracie was a rescue dog and just look at her now - socialised and one of the winners on the Day!!!

Friday 31 August 2012

Maida Vale Dog Show 1st September

Has your DOG got the Doggy Factor

Saturday 1st September 2012
@ Paddington Recreation Grounds, Maida Vale W9 1RX

I am holding another dog show but it will be the first in Paddington Recreation Ground!! It is all part of the  Maida Vales Good Neighbours Day which is funded by Abbey Road, Little Venice, Maida Vale and Regents Park Ward Budget and organised by Jan Nairn of City West Homes. It includes Live performances, Steel Band, Talent Show Petting Zoo and of course Canine Culture 's dog show.

Registration is at 1.30pm -2pm and the Dog Show commences at 2pm -3pm - categories are;

Ms Diva
Mr Slick
I luv my staffi
Best Senior
Best Rescue
Pup Idol

I have held over 12 dog shows for the wards of Queens Park, Harrow Road and South Westminster and 'doggy fashion shows' to fundraise for Thai street dogs, and private dog shows in local venues. Yet before each one I have that 'Stage Nerves' panic and pray for no rain and for everything to go well!!  So far - so good!!

Before each event you have to give a risk assessment - make sure your Public Care and Liability insurance is all in place, show all 'safety measures' - how many assistants you have to contain the dogs and owners - how many dogs allowed in each category and that all dogs will be on leads at all time. Ensure that the enclosure is safe and secure for your venue.  Choose your judges - I always have three judges (in case one has to cancel last minute)
Then you have to chose prizes which will suit each category - that will be mentally and physically stimulating to the dogs.  Order rosettes in plenty of time - make sure delivery is at least a week before the event.  Make sure there is access to water and bring water bowls on the day - whatever the weather there should always be water available for the dogs.

All dogs are welcome and of course owners too!!! Hope to see lots of dog and happy winners!!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Dog Workshop and Dog Socialising Classes Queens Park Ward

From 16th June 2012 until 5th August, 2012 I held a 'Dog Workshop' and Dog Socialising Classes in the Dog Area Queens Park Gardens,W10.

During the Dog Workshop dog owners came to get advice, help with one on one behavioural problems, ask for details of microchipping , neutering, diet, help with excessive barking. I had Coco the staffie who had problems with other dogs - Bella the mix breed who was just a pup and needed help with advice on toilet training, jumping up and recall.  The workshop was from 2pm-2.30pm and gave dog owners a chance to have a one on one lesson with me, Bella joined the Dog Socialising Class but I arranged with Coco's owner to meet during the week to have a one on one extra session. Diva was another dog - a staffie - who had problems with other dogs since she had been attacked - unfortunately Diva's owner only became aware of the dog workshop and classes on the final day. So spent some extra time after class to help both Diva and her owner.

Over the course of six sessions there were 16 owners and 17 dogs, with four dogs at the most in the dog workshop and twelve owners and dogs in the classes  - the least in the dog class were nine owners and ten dogs.

Sunday 29 July 2012

Fund Day Out @ Queens Park Festival W10

Michael with Max a Cavalier Springer contender @ the Dog Show
Community Champion Winner 'Shadow with his owner 'David  Fahr'
What a great day - starting with the workshop where I did a one to one with Coco the staffie who had a few 'social behaviour' problems - with other dogs.  Have arranged to meet Coco and her owner next session to work on her behaviour.

As the Queens Park Community Festival I decided to have a 'doggy factor' event where the most appealing mutt was chosen by our local councillor - The winner was Olly a retriever and second was Emma a jack russell - both well known in Queens Park!!

Every year a community trophy is given to the dog and their owner who has improved in both behaviour and benefited mostly from dog socialising classes.  This year was Shadow a two year old husky owned by the Fahr Family.  David Fahr walks Shadow two or three times a day, walks him on a lead, but why I chose David is because he makes other dog owners aware of being responsible and of the correct way of looking after your dog. Well done David.

Canine Culture

Thursday 12 July 2012

A Dark Day for Lennox in Belfast

14th July 2012 at Old Palace Yard Westminster London Peter Egan and Anthony Head supporting the Peaceful Protest against BSL. BSL is a law that was made to victimize a certain breed NOT the deed and should be ended and Governments and Political Leaders should start education and neutering programmes and make any form of animal abuse be penalised with a lengthy prison sentence.

Supporters came from all over UK to be the Voice for the Innocent Bull Breeds that have been seized, kenneled and some DESTROYED under this Law.  Also we came to pay tribute to Lennox's memory a staffie/labrador who from May 2010 until July 2012 was kept in unspecified kennels and despite worldwide petitions was killed by BCC Belfast Ireland.

May this beautiful dog whose owners did everything in their power to be law abiding and responsible dog owners - May Lennox now rest in peace - but the protest for Justice goes on.

Tamplin Mews Dog Show 8th July 2012

The first Dog Show in Tamplin Mews W9 funded by the Harrow Road Ward of Westminster UK was a great success despite the weather.  Up at the crack of dawn to make sure barriers were in place - marque was erected and everything was in place.  Indulgent dog owners with breeds big and small waited with anticipation of winning the 'Ms Diva', 'Mr Slick' or 'I luv My staffie' and other categories. Enthusiastic barks and excited pooches filled the Tamplin Mews 'open space'!

First 'I luv my Staffie' was Maggie - Second was Hyland a rescue from Battersea
First 'Mr. Slick' was Marcel a shitzu  Second was Olly a golden retriever
First 'Ms Diva' was Pebbles a Bichon Second was Josephine a jack russell
First 'Best Senior' was Rebel a Terrier x Second was Barney a Labrador
First 'Best Rescue was Snoopy a yorkie was had been burned and abused
Second 'Best Rescue was Maddox a Bull dog rescued from Bully Breeds Rescue
First 'Pup Idol' was Frankie a Pomeranian Second was Pixie a Jack russell x

Best in Show was Maggie

What a great day and despite the excited owners the day went really well,

American Bull Dog Maggie!

Saturday 7 July 2012

Dog Workshop and Socialising Class 30th June 2012

Even though the weather was a bit of a wash out - nine people attended the dog socialising class There was Beautiful Cedar - a German Shepherd - B a rescue lab cross - Gracie the lovely staffie rescue bouncy as ever - more focus on the little dogs more than on her owner! Barney the labrador who came with his pal Maggie the American Bulldog. Bo the little chihuahua wanted to stay close to her owner and was a bit wary of the bigger dogs. The class was mainly socialising the dogs of different breeds and sizes with each other and walking to heel - not pulling on the lead - 'lead control'

Bella the Sharpei cross a young pup came to the workshop for work on her recall - and walking to heel on the lead. Two people came to the workshop to ask advice on neutering the dogs - and whether it altered their dogs 'behaviour'.  One lady was quite upset about how a man was treating his dog and wanted to know the contact details for reporting it.

The workshop is for dog owners not only to have some training more on a one to one basis but also to ask advice on neutering, microchipping, toilet training and any other issues or questions they may want to know.  Also free poop bags are given out to other dog owners.

Sunday 10 June 2012

Queens Park Dog Workshop/ClassesBegin

On Saturday 16th June, 2012 Dog Workshop and Socialising classes will begin in the Dog Area, Queens Park Gardens London W10 (Ilbert Street) Entrance.  The Dog Workshop will begin at 2.00pm -2.30pm and Classes commence at 2.30pm - 3.30pm. During the workshop any animal behavioural problems will be addressed, also diet and environmental issues will be discussed.

Classes will include walking to heel, socialising with different breed of dogs - jumping up - incessant barking and recall.  All dogs must be on lead (no extension leads please) Any Queries please contact Crissie Chambers on 0794 952 3710

This will be free to all dog owners in the community of Queens Park Ward W10 and sessions will be every two weeks (six sessions in all)

Saturday 2 June 2012

Canine Games 2012, Tamplin Dog Show, Dog Workshop

So many things are happening this summer of 2012 Commencing with the Canine Games 2012 in Victoria Park Hackney on 7th July, Tamplin Mew Dog Show W9 on 8th July and Dog Workshops through out the summer in W10 area, and W9!! So stay posted.

The weather has been amazing these last two weeks But for our doggy soul mates it is very hot - Remember cars are like ovens in this weather SO please do not leave your pet or any animal in a form of transport!! Also plenty of water both on walks and in the home.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Tali the Rescue Therapy Dog

Tali the rescue 'therapy' dog
Monday 16th April 2012

Imagine getting to an age or a time when you have to live your life without your 'feline' or 'canine' friend - and have to move into a 'residential care home'!  That is why having a 'therapy dog' and an organisation that can visit on a regular basis and of course permission of the care home brightens up so many lives.

Tali is a beautiful four year old Siberian Husky who was abandoned on the streets of London.  Tali is a gentle girl and just loved the attention from the elderly residents and is now looking for a home;

Tali is good with children and other dogs and of course a great 'therapy dog'. I know that her visit was a great success and as her 'dog handler' for the day I was so proud of her

Education on Dog Care and Responsibility

Crissie and 'Missy-Blue' @ Queens Park Library
2lst March 2012

Missy Blue and I went to Queens Park Library to do a talk on animal care and responsibility.
Some  children are scared of dogs and do not know how to react around them - and their actions could ACTUALLY enhance and excite a dogs behaviour.

When a child sees a dog coming towards them their reaction can be to show their fear by screaming, shouting or worse still running!  The dog (majority) could see this as a game and get excited jumping up and chasing after the child.  It does not mean the dog is aggressive - that it will bite the child BUT  the 'game' to the dog is 'fear and pure fright' to a child!

So in these 'talks' I explain how to act around dogs - NOT to run - Stand Still try to remain as calm as they can and NOT Scream, Shout or Kick out at the dog.  If approaching a dog ALWAYS ask their owner if  it is alright to stroke the dog BEFORE you do!

Missy Blue my own 'rescue dog' loves 'attention' and being 'stroked' but she has been trained to wait until the child approaches her - (some children  have never been near a dog before and are very nervous) sit patiently while they 'decide' to stroke her.  Some go to pat her then change their minds and then get 'brave' again and so forth, so Missy Blue has to be very patient and not jump up or move towards them but 'sit' for quite a while!!  It is a great way of introducing children to dogs and also making them understand the responsibility of having a 'family pet' and the need to understand that all living creatures need to be treated with care and respect

Sunday 8 April 2012

Dog socialising classes South Westminster Third and fourth session update Second Session March 2012

31st March, 2012

Dog Training in St George's Square SW1
Last week was sunshine and mayhem!!  Lots of dogs eager to learn and also have fun, Ceasar the staffordshire bull terrier was my 'star pupil' - he was being 'very polite' when greeting the smaller breeds and during 'play time' was bounding up to everyone but put 'his brakes on' during 'recall and returned to his owner - well done Ceasar and his owner!!

Snowy and Petal the two chihuahuas were mixing in well but their owner was 'wary' of the new 'doggy members' to the class so I teamed her up with Ceasar 's owner (walking on lead) and after 'socialised' walking together a couple of times - she felt more confident which related back to snowy and petal!

Jimmy the terrier mix decided he was 'bored' and wanted his 'ball back' (confiscated during 'sit' and 'stay' started Barking whereupon his owner turned her back and ignored him - it worked - for a while anyway and then it was 'play time'. Dorf the jack russell loves this part of the class and it improves his recall as the 'ball' is his motivation to return to his owner!! Some dogs will return for 'food' (treats) but others need another ' motivation' - you have to find that 'focus' and work with it with your dog.  Everyone wants their dog to be socialised but you MUST feel confident that your dog's recall is 100% before letting them off in a open space that has no enclosure. If you can not call back your dog and he decided to follow another dog out of the park - this could lead to an 'accident with a car - If your dog runs up to a dog that is on lead because of 'certain issues' and is attacked then you  could be held  responsible because YOU did not have your dog under control 'off lead'.  Also there is that 'summer picnic' that is JUST waiting for your dog to consume because you have not ' got his focus and he is not listening to you calling him back!! Find your dogs 'focus reward' and practice in enclosed areas off lead or use a long line in large open spaces.

Fourth Session

Thank goodness the rain held off!! This Saturday I commenced with a 'Workshop' from 2pm - 2.30pm - this was so I could work with the 'owners' and their 'dogs' on individual issues.  I had fudge the young lab puppy, Dolly the six month little terrier who kept escaping when her owner opened the front door - Tommy the Old English sheepdog who pulled his owner on lead!! Dorf came along for the ride and then helped with the 'doggy workshop' by showing off his skills he had learnt.  It was a good time to also answer questions from other dog owners on diet - growling at other dogs when 'on lead' - 'neutering/spaying issues' - 'what to do when a bitch was in season' - the 'need for pet insurance- and 'liability'.

Lastly a belated 'registered member' and welcome to 'Buddy' the little chihuahua who said 'a socialised welcome' to all - big and small.

Last session is 14th April 2pm

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Dog Socialising classes South Westminster Second Session March 2012

Saturday 17th March, 2012

Second Class - Had arranged to meet Ceasar the staffordshire bull terrier and his owner just before classes started - just to go over the recall (thats what I love about staffies give them something to 'focus on' and they learn in an instant).  Ceasar was running back and forwards to his owner who was holding his favourtie ball' for his reward.  Another new 'pup' to the class came along - so excited to see all 'new' doggy friends - six month old retriever called Fudge - running round in excited circles - no basics but adorable to watch. A very tiny poodle came in to the class - with 'I am a big dog syndrome' with his female pal a lurcher!!

At the beginning of the class I discussed and demonstrated what to do when 'confronted' with an irresponsible owner and their dog (who might show by his/her body lanquage aggressive behaviour).  Also the question came up 'Should I neuter my dog and 'What age'.  With a female I always say let her have one season (making sure she is not in contact with any male dogs and kept on lead while out on walks) and then spay her before the next season. With male dogs I always point out that neutering DOES not cure behaviour problems BUT of course it stops unwanted litter of puppies - and some dogs hormones are more outrageous than others and the best solution is to have them neutered after eight or ten months.  Most Rescues insist on all their dogs being neutered/spayed as shelters are overflowing with unwanted litters of puppies through irresponsible breeding,However I do suggest that  a  dog's 'case' is a choice that should be discussed with your vet and your reasons 'for' and 'against' should be  talked over thoroughly  so that you have the full facts of the positives.

Dorf decided he was going to show how recall was done and loved the attention until Leon the poodle decided he was getting 'bored' and decided to chase Dorf and Ceasar - so I decided to let the dogs all off lead and have some 'Fun Time'!

Training classes as well as being instructive should also be enjoyable for both dog and owner and have some time off lead (in the enclosed area) to let off steam.  Back on lead we walk in pairs practicing Lead control and how to stop 'pulling on the lead'

The rain at least held off for most of the lesson, thankfully and classes ended on schedule.

Next class 24th March at 2pm

Friday 16 March 2012

Dog Socialising classes South Westminster March 2012

Saturday 10th March, 2012

First day back for 2012 for Dog Socialising classes in South Westminster!  Registration Day today and dogs and owners strolled in gradually - which gave me a chance to assess the new members, by 2,30pm the  
latecomers were all present and correct.  Great to see the regulars , Archie   the whippet - Jimmy the terrier still barking for Britain - his ball for motivation.  The two chihuahuas  walking well on the leads and looking forward to the start of lessons. Oscar the rescued terrier looked like he had learnt a few 'social graces' from the last classes - but very interested in new 'additions' to the lessons.

New member of the class was Ben  the Jack russell a feisty senior who doesn't take to 'new dogs' on the block - the bigger the dog - the bigger the bark!  Then Ceasar the 8 month old staffordshire bull terrier who loves everybody but doesn't know his own strength and pulls his owner at 10 mph! Jack another Jack russell  - his recall is non existent - he runs off and doesn't look back.

Sad news about Alfie the English Bull Terrier - his health has gone down hill and he is in and out of the vets - we all hope and pray he recovers. Apologies from the 'pugs' - such a lovely day their owner has
taken them to the countryside - Apologies from Dorf's owner - will be joining next week.

Going to meet Ceasar and his owner before the next session starts just to give a bit of extra advice and training on 'lead control' and 'recall' - might need a one to one. Looking forward to seeing him - he is such a beautiful dog just full of bounce and energy but eager to please

Next session 17th March 2pm - 3.30pm

Monday 20 February 2012


Big Event on Saturday 25th February 2012

Animals are part of our lives and steal Our Hearts - so it is great when you can get the opportunity to showcase animals that not only have had an unhappy start but have been waiting a long time for that 'Forever home'.

On Saturday the 25th February, at St Martins Church Hall, Mortimer Road, London NW10 I have helped organize an event to raise money for three small but dedicated animal rescues - It starts at 2pm and ends at 4.30pm.  Raffle Winner will be picked at 4.00pm

Many Tears Rescue  (Helping many dogs rescued from dog pounds and abandoned puppy farms)
German Shepherd Rescue (Helping home unwanted German Shepherds)
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary (Helping Street Dogs in Thailand with medical care, and rehoming some in Europe and UK)

It is a chance for dog lovers to learn more about these rescues and support them by coming along and taking part in the raffles, buying from the stalls and enjoying refreshments (home made cakes) and even treating your dog  (s) to home made doggy biscuits!! Also I am donating a Bottle of Champers to the Owner of the Best Breed!!! Free Neutering/Spaying Vouchers will be available for all 'Bull Breeds' courtsey of the Mayhew Animal Home, Kensal Green.

Terry Bolding Representing Many Tears Rescue will be showing a short film featuring Trooper the Blind Collie

Lisa will be representing German Shepherd Rescue giving a short 'talk' on how GSD operates and about the dogs in the rescue needing homes

Emily from Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary will be showing pictures of dogs needing homes in UK and about 'Gemma Ashford' who founded the Sanctuary and how it strives to help street dogs in Thailand

It will be a great day and all the money will be going to the three charities.  The Reverand G Noyce has kindly allowed us to have the hire of the hall for free as his donation to the Fundraising Event.

Hope to see you there - All dogs are welcome (on leads).

Sunday 15 January 2012

New Pup/After Christmas NEED ADVICE

Just got that 'adorable pup' or that 'new rescue dog' - Christmas is over and the New Year already begun - AND BACK TO WORK - kids back at school AND things are not as 'easy' as you thought they would be with the new addition to the family!! Toilet training with the pup is not going according to plan - the new rescue dog is chewing the furniture and barking when left alone and the kids 'promise' of 'walking' has been replaced by a new television programme!!

One word 'training' and another 'socialising'  start  now - with a puppy - he or she looks to you to set boundaries to give them a rountine - the first walk or 'outing in the garden' after the inoculations - the 'contained place' to start 'toilet training'. How to get used to a collar (by wearing it around the home before venturing out into the street) and to walk on lead without 'pulling'. To give your new pet mental stimulation as well as physical and to build upto leaving your pet on their own.

A good 'training class' will have between 8 - 10 dogs (any more to me is too many!!) and as well as training there will be 'off lead 'doggy playtime).  Ideally the sessions will be outside but in the winter a hall is good as long as you also  are able to go  outside to 'walk on lead' interact with other dogs and owners and address the 'outside environmental issues' Owners have a very short period of time to accustom new pups and 'rescue' dogs to a range of 'different experiences' A good trainer will  observe any 'bullying' from bolder pups towards the shyer ones and address this accordingly at the same time not making either owner or  dog feel 'overprotected' or 'fearful'.

Sometimes a pup or dog may have 'certain behavioural issues' which are not at all serious but if left or the wrong 'correction' given could develop into bigger issues!! A one to one consultation can be given - I offer a two hour consultation @ £60.00 for full session. Please call if you need any advice or email me on or check out my website

Friday 6 January 2012

A Goodbye to 2011 and Hello to 2012

2011 - A year of petitioning for Justice for 'abused or animals killed by abuse', For Freedom for 'bull breeds' victims of BSL - a law that criminalizes the 'breed' not the 'deed'- many staffordshire crosses kept in cold stone cells for long periods of time.  Awaiting a fate that could mean 'Destruction' under an Act that was not thought out and nearly all are owned by persons  that 'did everything' in their power to behave as responsible dog owners. We must not forget Lennox in Belfast - a dog whose fate is still in the hands of the 'powers that be' and Lennox's family who every single of the day are thinking of him and praying for his release.  Lennox's family must be WONDERING WHY he is a 'victim of BSL - he was neutered, microchipped and everything was done according to the law YET he is now in a cold cell.

2011 - a year when 'Annie the Elephant' was seen on film being brutally treated by his owners 'henchman' - now she is living her retirement in a place she never thought she would live to see and is SAFE.

2011 - when Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary a rescue for the street dogs in Thailand had fund raising events  in St, Martins Church London NW10 and South London UK and raised awareness of how Stray Dogs not only in Thailand but worldwide are treated. Avril Simms and her many supporters raised money to get dogs that had gone through hell in Turkey to safety in UK to 'forever homes'  Dog Star Foundation had an amazing year helping strays and carried out neutering/spaying programmes in Sir Lanka.  Foster Farms Sanctuary in US helped save so many horses from slaughter.  Noahs Arc (Spain)and Many Tears Rescue (UK) rehomed and rescued dogs in Uk and abroad.  People ran marathons, fetes, dog shows, drew portraits, donated, shared, fostered, adopted and rescued - all in the name of the innocent creatures in this world

2011 - Saw the sadness of our canine and feline friends passing - leaving us to heavenly pastures, Max, Roma, Blue the Beautiful Gentle Cat, and so many more.  May they RIP

2011 was a year combined with sadness and joy but most of all united us all in our Determination to make sure we will carry on being the voice of the innocent and Shout Even louder in 2012.

Happy New Year to you all