Friday 30 May 2014

Dog Advice Surgery Saturday 31st May 2014

Got a problem with your new rescue dog - new pup or your own rountine or work schedule has changed and is affecting your dog's behaviour - Seperation anxiety - barking indoors or outside at traffic or joggers or both!

Then come along to the Dog Advice Surgery @GrandUnionPets 174 Shirland Road W9 on Saturday at 2pm -3.30pm  bring your pet for a Free Assessment and training advice.  Relaxing with a coffee and have a friendly chat with Crissie Chambers from Canine Culture or contact me email or check out my website tel 07949523710

If a private  one on one session is required I offer £5 off the fee for any customers of Grand Union Pets.

Hope to see you there

Thursday 29 May 2014


28th May 2014

What a week it has been my computer 'died' and I got a new one which I still am adjusting to!!! So apologies firstly to my 'doggy clients' for a delay in their 'back up emails'. \One of my clients last week was a malamute six month old  female  who had already had at least three homes -rescued from Gumtree by a caring couple they needed an assessment on his behaviour and help with training and working out the best way of socialising her and settling her into a rountine and setting boundaries. Look forward to seeing her progress next week for the next training session.

The following day was a little pomeranian in W2 near Hyde Park - a great little chap just wasn't into joggers - policeman on horseback - and dogs Smaller than him - he would just like to run with the big guys even when they didn't really want to run with him!  

Friday my 'boarder' Domino from Thailand went home to his mama - hoping for that last doggy snack before leaving.  The weekend was full of muddy walks - wet dogs and even more muddier floors!!!

Monday was my birthday and before you ask 'age is just a number' - started off with a leisurely walk then a phone call regarding a small dog who had been seriously attacked by another dog who apparently had attacked another dog within 24 hours.  Sadly the dog who attacked was known  never to be walked and the only time he got out was when he managed to escape out the front door - a victim himself of an irresponsible  owner!!

After getting the details from both owners of the dogs concerned and making a report I needed the white chilled wine and good food at the Thai restaurant and to celebrate my birthday with my friends and talk about what we love best - dogs!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Bank Holiday despite the weather.

The week ends with my 'Dog Advice Surgery' @GrandUnionPets 174 Shirland Road W9 on Saturday 31st May @ 2pm-3.30pm.  If you are in the area or would like some free advice on your dogs behaviour come along bring your pet or contact me on or call 07949523710