Sunday 12 July 2015

Traveling on Public Transport with your pet (s)

Even if you DO own a car I am sure you might have to use public transport at some time with your pet but imagine having to rely on the courtsey and approval of public transport both of the 'driver' and the public passengers on a regular basis.

Many of the Public Transport Providers in UK Do have provision in place for you to travel with your 'Fido the poodle 'Freddie' the Husky or 'Mollie' the English Bull Terrier  in tow but OFTEN with strict stipulations in place especially on buses where it is at the 'discretion' of the driver!!

How many times have I been on buses (minus my own dogs) but been witness to a 'drivers discretion' or in some cases 'he doesn't like DOGS with a capital D!!  One time even - sticking up for one very obedient and
well behaved Springer Spaniel and ending up with both the owner - the dog and myself been thrown off the bus and threatened with possible interaction with an authority of the Law.

Or I have got on the bus with Missy Blue my whippet cross (wearing an Elizabethan collar - Missy not myself) and had a pleasant and dog friendly driver and met with sniffs - loud exclaimations - people jumping in the air - anything to get out the way of the 'Dangerous Fiend'!!

I pull Missy Blue firmly to my side - I mean I don't want her to 'Catch any of the ailments' of these irate and disgruntle passengers.

Traveling back on First Great Western who along with South West Trains allow two dogs per passenger with my two dogs who slept both ways there and back I and my friend had a great journey with both humourous and friendly ticket conductor and passengers alike.  It was only when I reached Victoria Station that I had to wait over half an hour - five cabs later before Me myself and two small dogs were accepted by the Representatives of London Cabs!! 

Guide Dogs should be allowed on any Public Transport but there have been news stories of Guide Dog Owners refused by Drivers and even one 'Dog Owner' told they should leave their dog behind when traveling!!!

Since 2012  and the relaxation of the UK pet travel (though all proper paperwork and vet checks and vaccinations are a legal requirement of travel)  many more people are traveling abroad with their pets - where on Ferries - owners have to leave their pets during the trip in their cars - on the Eurotunnel  shuttle  dogs and owners travel together in their cars through the Channel Tunnel.

Just coming back from France and No I did not take my dogs but I saw many dogs out with their owners - not on walks through the green countryside but in the cafes and bars  - in  the markets and even the small Art Galleries - Maybe UK will Follow and once again become the Dog Loving Country - we once were

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