Friday 4 December 2015

04th December 2015

Dog Theft., Microchipping (all dogs must be microchipped before the 1stApril - This will be a legal requirement!!) and thinking seriously about adopting - buying a dog or a pup just before Christmas - Well maybe You might just THINK AGAIN!!

How many dog owners of all ages Realise that by April 2016 ALL dogs must be microchipped - and it will be part of the Dog Laws already in force.  On 17th December 2015 at St Judes Hall 67  Ilbert Street Queens Park London W10 4QJ - 10am-12midday  Vicki Bannan  our Westminster Dog Warden and myself and the Environmental Warden Nuno Reis will be microchipping - offering advice on dog behaviour and animal care and free neutering vouchers sponsored by Dog Trust can be obtained.  This service is free but most importantly is open to all dog owners in the Borough of Westminster.
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Dog Theft
Dog theft is on the increase all over the UK and especially now just before Christmas when small dogs and puppies have been stolen to meet the demand for 'designer dogs'. That does not mean that other larger breeds are not safe from these evil predators.
Make sure your dog - pup is not left alone outside shops - in cars or even in the garden UNATTENDED. It takes minutes to steal your dog.  I have actually been outside a shop for over fifthteen minutes before an owner came out  to her unattended dog  and  she was very upset when I told her about what COULD Happen - hopefully she Or anyone else I have spoken to won't do it again.  Take your dog out before or after you shop for a walk - Am I being 'over the top' - no I have seen too many times what has happened to dogs left alone and it breaks your heart.  Also when you get an id tag - just put your mobile number - and  never put their name - and hopefully they are microchipped so put scan me - Be Aware when walking at night or poorly lit areas. Keep your pet safe

Most Rescues do not home animals two weeks before Christmas for the simple reason - having a new dog or new pup in the house just before and during the festive season is not good for the dog and can be all too overwhelming for the new 'owner'.  Especially a new pup - (But the kids wanted a puppy for Christmas) A pup is not a toy - and he certainly does not come with a 'toilet training kit' 'chewproof' and with all the frantic activity of Christmas - before and on Christmas Day with visitors - Have you really thought it through!!
Think about the breed - If you have the time and committment for the next ten or fifthteen years - holidays  and so the list goes on.  After Christmas and things are back to normal and you feel ready then go to a local rescue and I am sure like every year there will be lots of 'Christmas pups' abandoned to choose from.

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